7 Foods That May Send You to the Dentist

7 Foods That May Send You to the Dentist

Aug 01, 2019

There are a lot of food items and drinks at your disposal to enjoy. From your favorite pizza to pasta, sandwiches or burgers, cakes to candies, and pancakes to donuts, the list is endless. However, a few food items can be detrimental to your oral health.

7 Foods That May Cause Dental Problems

Lets’ explore 7 such foods and drinks that can impact your oral health:

Sugary Drinks

We consume many sugary drinks in a day from tea, coffee, soda, and juices, to aerated beverages. All of these have sugar in them, which is not good for your oral health. You must limit their consumption and even when you drink them use a straw so that they don’t come in direct contact with your teeth.

Acidic Drinks

Even if you choose sugar-free options, the acidic beverages are abrasive to your teeth and make your mouth a storehouse of bacteria, which damages your teeth. If possible, rinse your mouth after having them to reduce their impact on your teeth.


According to our dentist in Plano, candy is loved by kids, but they are majorly responsible for tooth decay. Especially hard candies are more dangerous. When you chew candies they stick to your teeth. They can be risky if you have loose fillings or dentures.


Some fruits aren’t too bad for your oral health, but you need to stay away from sugary and acidic ones as well as dried fruits, says our dentist in Plano, TX. This also applies to juices and wines made of fruits.


Whether it is pizza sauce, ketchup, or any of your noodle dishes, all of them have plenty of tomatoes. They are acidic in nature and some of these products contain sugar, so you need to avoid excessive consumption.

Simple Starches

Whether it’s white bread, potatoes, or rice, try to have as little starch as possible. They break down into pure sugars and attract bacteria in your mouth, says our dentist in 75093.


Alcohol damages your teeth as it dehydrates you and causes dry mouth. Lack of saliva can’t keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria.