Dental Fillings: Types, Procedure & What to Expect

Dental Fillings: Types, Procedure & What to Expect

Feb 01, 2021

Dental decay is a common problem, affecting both children and adults. Teeth cavities develop because of poor hygiene that gives room for the bacteria to multiply. When you have mild to moderate dental decay, the dentist may recommend dental fillings.

What are Dental Fillings?

Teeth fillings are dental restorations that are fixed to replace the decayed part of the tooth. These filings are available in different types including:

  • Amalgam Fillings: These fillings are made of metals or a combination of metals. They are durable and long-lasting. However, because of their appearance, these fillings are ideal for the back teeth. There have been concerns about the mercury content in the fillings. But, the American Dental Association reports that the fillings are safe to use.
  • Gold and Silver Fillings: These are the most commonly used fillings. They are expensive but durable. But more than that, these fillings can withstand the chewing and biting pressure. The aesthetics of these fillings are less appealing, and that’s why they are fixed on the back teeth.
  • Composite Fillings: These fillings are made of a combination of glass or quartz and ceramic compounds. The fillings are curved to resemble your natural teeth. They are also fairly durable but are ideal for teeth that perform moderate chewing.

Why Do You Need Fillings?

Our general dentist in Plano may recommend dental fillings to correct several dental problems like:

  • Cavities. When you have mild to moderate decay, a dental filling can be used to replace the decayed part.
  • Tiny holes. Worn-out teeth can develop holes. Not covering these holes will begin to attract food particles and give room for bacteria to multiply. Teeth filling can help to cover the teeth.
  • Fractured teeth. Your teeth can get fractured when playing sports, aging, or an unusual accident. Fillings cover and restore the teeth’ function and appearance.
  • Discolored teeth. Teeth may become discolored due to consumption of staining and acidic beverages. Using the teeth as tools can also cause the teeth to discolor. Dentists may apply fillings to cover and change the appearance of the teeth. A composite filling is mostly used to cover the discolored front teeth.
  • Repair wore down teeth. When the teeth are damaged, they cannot retain their structure. A dental filling can enhance the support and uniformity of the teeth.

What Can You Expect During a Dental Procedure?

Plan to stay at the dental office for about an hour. During this time, the dentist will perform an x-ray and discuss the process with you. The process of fixing the filling starts with desensitizing the mouth and numbing the gums. At times, the laughing gas may be used to relax and calm you if you have a dental phobia.

At times, the dentist may use a rubber sheet in the mouth to access the affected tooth. This also helps to stop the liquid from getting in the mouth. Next, the dentist will drill the tooth using a laser or drill to remove the decay. The dentist will remove the decay, clean the area, and test if all the decay is removed completely.

The dentist will fill the cavity with the chosen dental fillings. The excess filling is removed, and the teeth are polished to make the tooth more appealing.

How Can You Maintain the Teeth Fillings?

It is important to have proper hygiene to maintain the durability of the fillings. Keep brushing, flossing, and using the mouth wash daily. Also, visit the dentist regularly to get your teeth checked and professionally cleaned to remove the plaque buildup. If you notice any crack or chip in the filling, visit the dentist immediately for a replacement.

What are the Problems with Dental Fillings?

When you get the fillings fixed, you may experience tooth sensitivity. This will clear after some time, but in the meantime, it is important to avoid foods and things that cause sensitivity. If the discomfort does not clear out, then visit our clinic.

Some people also experience an allergic reaction to metal fillings.

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