Experience Teeth Whitening & Feel Rejuvenated

Experience Teeth Whitening & Feel Rejuvenated

Jan 01, 2020

Every body part has its natural wear and tear. Just as you maintain your looks, the body parts and organs also need that care and protection. The face is the highlight of your personality. The teeth reflect your self-esteem and confidence. Once you might have possessed a bright smile, But with time, the teeth have yellowed. Drinking coffee or smoking might have stained your teeth.

Not to lose hope as you are not the only one with this issue. Teeth whitening in Plano is now even easier. Our Plano dentist is well-experienced to restore your white teeth. It is obvious that the teeth are not exactly dazzling white, and the teeth’ color varies from person to person.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

The teeth might lose its natural shine and color due to a variety of factors. The due course of aging may make your teeth yellowish. Consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea and chewing or smoking tobacco makes your teeth lose their whiteness. If you maintain poor oral hygiene, it results in the accumulation of tartar and plaque, which makes the teeth discolored. Ingestion of fluoride, more than the permissible level, might give your teeth a pigmented look. Treatment with antibiotics or tetracycline at a tender age might make your teeth lose their natural color.

Any dental trauma might leave your teeth back, or grey, and dental whitening would not be of much help. Laser treatment finds applications to treat such dental conditions.

Reasons to Get Your Teeth Whitened

It is worth trying to whiten your teeth at least once in a lifetime. Not only you would feel rejuvenated, but it is a whole new experience. You would feel your age might have made the retreat, and you would feel much younger. Here are a few reasons why whitening your teeth is worth trying. The discoloration is the most common reason why you need to whiten your teeth. Tartar, plaque, or any other dental ailment might leave your teeth discolored, and you can whiten your teeth by visiting the dentist.

Special occasions or social gatherings are places where you might have passed secretly due to yellow teeth. Be it a wedding anniversary or a birthday party, whiten your teeth and boost up the confidence to smile brightly. The bright and healthy look can be obtained with teeth whitening, which can also be done at home.

Job Interviews

Job interviews are an important aspect of your life. You would never want the yellow teeth to spoil the job opportunities. A bright and healthy smile portrays confidence, enthusiasm, and energy. Now, if you shy away to hide your yellow teeth, you are not helping yourself. The process of aging deteriorates the dental enamel, and discoloration is an obvious outcome. The dentist at Plano is efficient in teeth whitening, and proper care can offset the effects of aging on the teeth. Using dental floss and brushing with fluoride toothpaste is something you can try at home for teeth whitening.

Smoking and drinking are known to take its toll on the teeth color. The caffeinated drinks and tobacco leave permanent pigmentation on the teeth that are hard to remove. If you want to keep your teeth sparkling white, it is better to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol.

Increase in Self Confidence

Your self-confidence increases manifolds with brighter teeth. A smile plays an important role in boosting your self-esteem, and you can obtain better results in job interviews or corporate meetings. Diet choice is another aspect of teeth whitening. Caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks stain the teeth. Even these food items are not good for health if consumed at more than the optimum limit. If you want to whiten your teeth, you can do away with tea, coffee, or alcohol.

Better oral hygiene can be obtained by teeth whitening. The process of teeth whitening involves cleaning of the mouth cavity, and a cleanlier mouth evades the chances of other dental ailments such as cavities.

Safe and Inexpensive

The process of teeth whitening is safe. The bleaching agents used while teeth whitening is of mild concentration and does not have any adverse effects on the delicate tissues of the dental cavity. Other cosmetic procedures and dental veneers are more expensive as compared to teeth whitening. Even you can start teeth whitening at home by brushing with fluoride toothpaste regularly, and whitening gels may be applied.

If you are looking for long lasting teeth whitening in Plano, we are here to help you. Our dentists and technicians are available to make sure that you retain your healthy smile. Contact us today for whitening your teeth.