Five Reasons Why You Need Oral Cancer Screening?

Five Reasons Why You Need Oral Cancer Screening?

May 01, 2020

Oral cancer is difficult to treat just like other forms of cancer. Unfortunately, the results for this variety have been lagging behind despite the results of other types of cancer like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer have seen survival rates improve. This is because other types of cancers are being detected early because of the dramatic increase in screening.

Cancers can be treated successfully the sooner they are detected often with less invasive treatments. However, no individual can be under the belief that “it can never happen to me” and must be prepared to undergo oral cancer screening from our Plano dentist whenever they visit for a routine dental exam. Why should people subject themselves to oral cancer screening when they are not at risk for oral cancer? Explained below are the reasons why people should never neglect screening for oral cancer.

Cancers When Diagnosed Early Pose Few Risk Factors

People may believe they are not at risk of oral cancer because they are neither smoking nor consuming alcohol excessively. They could also be relatively young and therefore believe they should not be undergoing the screening. Unfortunately, the highest number of people diagnosed with oral cancer are the ones that have none of the common risk factors mentioned. Therefore it is important to get screened especially when people believe they do not have any risk factors to be concerned about.

Rest Easy with Peace of Mind

The thought of oral cancer can put everyone ill at ease. A nagging doubt remains in their minds and doing nothing about it only helps the doubt to grow and disturb them. It will also disturb the people around people who love and depend upon them. People should understand their family members will also be uneasy at the thought of cancer affecting their loved ones and growing. Therefore they should attempt to put their doubts to rest and get the peace of mind they deserve by undergoing oral cancer screening in Plano. It will also make them happier after the screening has been performed.

The Screening Is Not Difficult or concerning

Oral cancer screening is extremely easy and convenient when compared to the procedures of screening for other types of cancer. People do not have to schedule a separate appointment specifically for the screening because it will be done by our dentist in Plano, TX within a couple of minutes without the patient even realizing it.

Encourage Others to Do It by Doing It Themselves

The risk of oral cancer is not understood by most people because of the lack of information about the methods of screening. Dentists are performing the screening routinely during exams and checkups and as mentioned earlier most patients are not even realizing it. People should attempt to undergo screening themselves before encouraging others to visit SS Dental for a routine dental checkup when oral cancer screening will also be performed.

Oral cancer screening aims to detect any cancers or precancerous lesions that may exist in the mouth in the earliest stages when they can be treated successfully. It is not to scare the patient to believe he or she is suffering from a concerning problem and needs to spend additional money and time with oncologists for getting themselves screened. It is just a preventive measure that will help people avoid a major problem.

If any suspicious lesions are detected, our Plano dentist will suggest the patient return at a later stage for another checkup to verify the progress of the condition. If the conditions have worsened the dentist or doctor may perform a biopsy to understand whether it is cancerous and any treatment thereafter will be handled by an oncologist who has specialized in the field of cancer.

Early Detection Results in Better Survival Rates

Cancer, when detected early, can be treated successfully with less invasive treatments and costs resulting in better survival rates. Not getting screened and allowing the condition to progress will mean people are exposing themselves which is not just concerning but is also life-threatening. Therefore people must decide to get screened for oral cancer and encourage others as well to do the same without fail.