Oral Irrigation: An Effective Alternative to Traditional Flossing

Oral Irrigation: An Effective Alternative to Traditional Flossing

Apr 12, 2019

Oral hygiene must be maintained by doing two tasks – brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Brushing the teeth removes plaque, which is a thin film containing bacteria that feeds on the enamel. Flossing also removes plaque, but from between the teeth. Doing both will benefit your oral health exponentially and prevent diseases and decay from developing.

Flossing – Can You Skip It?

Our dentist in Plano, TX will tell you how important flossing is. At SS Dental, you can get tips on how to better incorporate flossing into your daily routine. A lot of people skip flossing because of its difficulty, but flossing can be mastered if you learn how to properly navigate your teeth. Orthodontic braces, however, can also make flossing more difficult and endanger oral health. Even with all of this, you should never skip flossing.

What is Oral Irrigation?

For an alternative to flossing with string, you can try oral irrigation with our dentist in 75093. With this method, plaque is removed using pulsating, pressurized water. A handheld oral irrigator or a water flosser can be used to do the treatment, and it is emitted through a nozzle that focuses on the teeth. Oral irrigation can be used to control plaque buildup and keep your teeth healthy.

Which Method Is Best?

Between manual flossing and oral irrigation, you may be wondering which option is better. However, there is no better option – simply choose what is best and most comfortable for you. Make sure to clear plaque from the teeth and from between the gums on a daily basis so that bacteria can be controlled. As long as you take care of your teeth, they will last for the rest of your life.

Oral Care from a Dentist Near You

At our dental office, you will get care from our dentist in Plano that takes care of your smile for years to come. With our cleaning methods, your teeth will be brighter and healthier than they have ever been. For more information about oral irrigation, visit a dentist near you at SS Dental and schedule an appointment with a professional.