Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Feb 01, 2020

What is Root Canal?

A root canal is normally associated with pain. Yes, it is uncomfortable and sometimes painful but the pain should not be in excess. Excessive pain is not normal and you should talk to a dentist if the pain is unmanageable. During the procedure, dentists use anesthetics which makes it practically painless. Modern technology also makes it fast. You should never be afraid of root canal treatment because of pain.

How Much Pain Is Normal?

Most people experience a bit of pain or sensitivity after a root canal. It is natural but after a few days it should not be a bother. Some of the reasons for the pain or sensitivity include:

Some Tissues Remaining Inflamed

The dentist removes the nerve root from the affected tooth. However, some small nerves in the ligaments remain. These nerves can be inflamed or swell which can cause some discomfort.

High Temporary Filling

Dental fillings are normally added after the procedure. If the dentist does not smoothen the temporary fillings perfectly, it may cause discomfort. If the filling is more than it should be on the surrounding tooth it makes the mouth bite to the spot a bit harder. This makes the mouth sore which causes discomfort.

Instrument Damage

Damage during the cleaning of a root canal can occur. If it occurs around the sensitive tissues that can cause some discomfort. You should not panic though, the discomfort should go within a few days. Contact our dentist ASAP if the pain goes away after a few days.

How To Manage Root Canal pain At Home

As we have seen, experiencing pain after a root canal treatment is normal. You cannot just wait for a few days for it gets better, can you? You need to try and alleviate it somehow. One of the most used options is the use of over-the-counter painkillers. Talk to your dentist to recommend the best painkillers for your condition. Follow the instructions for the letter. If they don’t seem to work, visit an ER or book an appointment with a dentist. Ibuprofen is one of the most used painkillers. You can try it.

During the first few days avoid chewing with the affected tooth. Just wait until the final restoration is done and from there you can use the tooth normally. The temporary filling is very delicate and can break if you bite down on it or chew with the tooth. Practicing proper oral hygiene is also necessary. Ensure to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss them at least once a day. Try to avoid crunchy foods and smoking as much as possible. Sometimes you might even try some stress-relieving activities to help relieve pain. Activities such as yoga and meditation. They can help you focus on other things than the pain you are experiencing.

Complications of Root Canal

Most root canals are successful but it does not mean they cannot fail. If one fails, you can experience a lot of pain. Some of the reasons a root canal can fail include:

  • Poor oral hygiene
  • If the restoration leaks
  • Dentist error
  • An extra canal that was not seen by the dentist
  • Breakdown of sealing material as days go by
  • Vertical cracks in the affected tooth

A dentist will know what to do in such a situation. Some of the things you can expect at times like that are root-end resection, finding the canal that was not visible, and removing the tooth.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The cost of the treatment varies from one place to another. From one dentist to another. For example, Root Canal Treatment in Plano will not cost the same as a root canal in Vancouver. Most dental hospitals accept dental insurance but some don’t. For an estimate, a general dentist can charge between $360 and $550 for an incisor. If it is a molar that requires treatment, the cost can be between $520 and $850. An endodontist can be even more expensive. Contact us at SS Dental for an exact figure.

Our Plano Dentist is a professional who has been doing this for more than 17 years. We accept PPO dental insurance and we have discount plans for patients without insurance. We are a family-friendly team. You and your family are welcome. Contact us today for more information.