Enamel Abrasion Therapy in Plano, TX
Enamel Abrasion Therapy in Plano, TX

The enamel of teeth is constantly being bombarded with acids and chemicals that can cause discoloration and stains. Teeth can appear dull or yellow due to this discoloration, prompting many individuals to seek whitening treatments for their smiles. Dr. Z will determine the cause of your discoloration and recommend the proper treatment for your teeth. One alternative to standard whitening treatments may be what is known as enamel abrasion therapy, which involves using abrasive materials to scrub enamel and remove stains. It can be used along with bleaching to increase the results of whitening and lead to a brighter smile.

SS Dental provides the best in class enamel abrasion therapy in Plano and Dr. Z makes use of the latest technology.

What Does Enamel Abrasion Therapy Do?

The enamel layer on the surface is porous and can be removed with the chemicals inside the abrasive agent. The gel containing the agent is rubbed on teeth and removes defects and stains without using a large concentration of acid. It also smooths the surface of teeth, removing irregularities and making the surface look more lustrous. It is a safe procedure and does not involve invasive methods to remove stains and brighten teeth.

Enamel abrasion therapy is getting more popular as its advantages are becoming known across the United States. It is considered the best option for whitening teeth with intrinsic stains that are not deeply embedded into the enamel. The smoothing of teeth is also something patients love, as teeth will have a more balanced surface.

Can I Get Enamel Abrasion Therapy?

This treatment is best when performed on teeth with minimal enamel wear, providing patients with a safe whitening treatment option. Stains must be on the surface of teeth in order for microabrasion to be effective. Since the process is used to remove stains with abrasive materials, it cannot penetrate deeply enough to remove intrinsic stains without wearing down the enamel. Deeper stains may require a different treatment method that Dr. Z can recommend upon determining how well enamel abrasion therapy would work for your teeth.

If you are considering enamel abrasion therapy, contact SS Dental Plano to schedule an appointment for an assessment of your oral health and to determine the whitening options available for your teeth to look brighter and more radiant than ever before.