The Seven Benefits of Regular Dental Exams & Cleanings

The Seven Benefits of Regular Dental Exams & Cleanings

May 02, 2022

Everyone dislikes dental visits. However, similar to your annual physical exam or vision test, regular dental exams & cleanings are essential for preventive healthcare. The visit to your dentist helps keep your teeth and gums clean and enables the dentist to detect potential issues with your dental health before they become severe conditions.

If it has been some time since your last visit to the dentist near you, it is likely time to schedule an appointment with the professional for routine exams and cleanings. It helps ensure your oral health is on track. This article looks at regular dental exams and why you must prioritize remaining on top of your scheduled cleanings.

What Happens During Routine Dental Exams?

During your dental exam, our dentist in 75093 initially examines your oral health and hygiene. They might request x-rays and perform other diagnostic procedures like measuring your gums and inspecting the general condition of your teeth.

After completing the examinations, a dental hygienist begins cleaning your teeth. The hygienist will use instruments to remove plaque and tartar on your teeth and below the gum line. They will also polish your teeth and eventually finish the procedure with flossing.

Your appointment will likely include evaluations for tooth replacement solutions or restorations besides inspecting your bite and jaw. Every mouth is different, and a scheduled appointment allows your smile to receive personalized attention.

How Often Do You Need Dental Exams?

Adults should have at least one dental exam every year but will do better by scheduling two appointments with their dentist. You can discuss your specific recommendation after considering your oral health and the state of your gums, teeth, and jaw. It would be best to schedule your next appointment with the dentist at the end of your routine checkup for six months up to a year later.

The 7 Benefits of Dental Exams & Cleanings

If you wonder why you must schedule routine dental exams and cleanings, please look at some of the benefits associated with these procedures.

Detects Problems Early

Getting examined by your dentist regularly alerts you of potential problems with your oral health early. It also allows you to take preventive action and avoid significant health problems requiring expensive and extensive treatments.

You Receive Advice on Oral Care

The advice you receive from the dentist helps you maintain excellent oral health. The professionals can advise you regarding the types of toothbrushes and dental floss to use, your brushing habits, and the treatments that might be beneficial for your long-term oral health.

You Get a Gleaming Smile

Routine dental exams & cleanings, including cleaning and polishing to help keep your smile looking great. Removing tartar buildup on your teeth and below the gum line is incredibly helpful because you cannot do it yourself at home. If left on your teeth, tartar causes gum disease to quickly affect your smile’s integrity.

Helps You Remain on Top of Your Oral Health

If existing oral health conditions concern you, it is incredibly essential for you to attend regular dental exams to manage them better. The appointments enable you to receive a status report on the conditions to determine your progress in the treatment goals and the steps you must take going ahead.

Update Your Records

A dental appointment for exams also helps you update your dental health record. It gives you a comprehensive vision of your oral health to indicate a better diagnosis of conditions. Having extensive descriptions of your oral health is beneficial if you ever confront a health emergency or need to switch dentists for any reason.

Helps You Prevent Expensive Procedures

Making an effort to remain on top of your oral health by adopting preventive oral healthcare allows you to avoid severe conditions that are too expensive to treat.

Improves Overall Health

Your mouth is associated with your entire body. As a result, infections in your mouth can spread to other parts, making you susceptible to health complications needing treatments from different medical professionals. Therefore, maintaining regular visits to your dentist helps you remain on top of your overall health.

As can be seen, dental exams & cleanings are essential for your oral and overall health. Therefore if you need dental Exams & cleanings in Plano, TX, you can call us or schedule an appointment with SS Dental right away for the dental prophylaxis you need.