What are Dental Crowns, Their Types, Procedure, and Benefits?

What are Dental Crowns, Their Types, Procedure, and Benefits?

Sep 01, 2022

After undergoing treatment for your decayed or damaged tooth at our dental clinic in Plano, TX 75093, we restore your normal tooth functionality using a dental crown. The therapeutic appliance preserves your underlying connective tissues and your tooth from further deterioration. A dental cap also restores the size and shape of your tooth.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a prosthetic that restores your normal teeth functioning and saves your teeth from decay, bacterial infection, or missing tooth replacement. A dental cap resembles your natural tooth and aids in cosmetically restoring your dental aesthetics and ensuring you regain your dental functionalities.

Additionally, you can have dental crowns once a dental implant has been surgically inserted into your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. The artificial prosthetic restores your dental structure and ensures you restore a confident smile. Failure to undergo the replacement may lead to further deterioration of your dental. Dental crowns are vital in serving both cosmetic roles and dental functionality.

The Procedure for Having a Dental Crown

While having a dental crown at our dental clinic in Plano, TX 75093, we schedule two appointments for you. During the first visit, we examine your dental and ensure you have no underlying oral health issues. Our dentist can perform X-rays to ascertain your affected tooth’s condition before the crown’s placement. A root canal is crucial in removing the infected or decayed pulp tissue if your tooth is severely decayed. Next, the cavity is disinfected and sealed. Further, we’ll take your dental impressions and mold a permanent crown.

During your next appointment, we will finalize the crown placement procedure. The molding of your permanent crown may require about 3-weeks, depending on the material selected. Additionally, the material is molded to fit your dental perfectly. Advanced dental practice has enabled same-day crowns that can be completed within the same visit.

Various Types of Dental Crowns

The crown dentist near you may recommend you to have a certain type of dental crown based on your personalized needs. Dental crowns are categorized based on the material used to mold them, and they include:

1. Metal Alloys

These are renowned for their high-quality and durability since they are made from a blend of different metals. Some metal alloys used to make dental crowns include platinum or gold nickel-cobalt, among others. They are suitable for safeguarding your tooth against cracks or chips.

2. Porcelain or Ceramic Crowns

These are ideal since they take the shade of your natural tooth since ceramic or porcelain materials can be easily custom-made to suit your needs.

3. Metallic and Porcelain Crowns

Specialists may combine metal with porcelain to ensure you have a robust dental crown.

4. Gold Dental Crowns

Gold is used in making implant-supported crowns for cosmetic purposes.

5. Stainless Steel

The material is used for making temporary crowns before the permanent crowns have been customized.

Dental crowns are robust to satisfy your dental needs. Additionally, our specialist ensures you select the most suitable dental cap for your dental.

What are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are ideal for restoring your dental functionality, and below are some of their benefits:

  • Dental Restoration – they revamp your tooth shape and size after removing the decayed portion. Crowns also restore the shape of your teeth and restore your dental structure.
  • Prevents Deterioration of a Damaged Tooth – dental crowns seal your damaged, chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth, preventing it from worsening. In addition, dental caps cover your tooth and restore the tooth functionality.
  • Restoring Your Dental Aesthetics – If your tooth has been stained, the crown dentist may recommend a crown to cover your tooth and enhance its outlook.
  • Dental Crowns Support Dental Bridges – your specialist may use dental crowns to anchor dental bridges.
  • Robust and Durable Solution for Your Dental – teeth crowns can serve you for about 15 years since the materials are durable. However, preserving them by following the ideal oral hygiene regimen is crucial.
  • Same-day Procedure – having a dental crown requires a single dental appointment, and unlike other restorative procedures, it’s the most efficient for you.

Visit a Crown Dentist Near You

Dental crowns are ideal for restoring your damaged, missing, or permanently stained teeth. At SS Dental, we customize different crown types and determine the right one for your dental outlook. If you consider having dental crowns in Plano, TX, our specialists can help you select the most suitable ones to suit your personalized needs. Call us or book an appointment with SS Dental today!